The black box above is an ANSI terminal emulator with an emulated Ashet connected to it. Just press h to see the available options in the boot rom.

Currently, the emulator runs the serial BIOS of Ashet, as the graphical components are still in development.

Quick start:
Focus the emulator terminal, press h to display a short help text from the BIOS. Then press l to go into ihexloading mode. The BIOS now awaits a valid ihex file over the serial port. Paste this text into the terminal:

This has loaded a small Hello World program into RAM that can now be executed by pressing g.

Now you know how to load your own programs, go write one! Starting point is AN000 and AN001, as well as the ISA description.

Memory layout for the emulator is:

Memory Range Function
0x00000x3FFF BIOS ROM
0x40000x4000 UART Port. Write to send blockingly, read nonblockingly. No value available returns 0xFFFF.
0x60000x6FFF RAM 0
0x80000xFFFF RAM 1