A 16C550 compatible UART component.


The TinyUART is a 16C550 compatible UART implementation that provides a fully featured UART interface including flow- and modem control.


Offset Name Size Access Description
0x000 RBR 1 R (DLAB=0) Receiver buffer
0x000 THR 1 W (DLAB=0) Transmitter holding register
0x001 IER 1 R/W (DLAB=0) Interrupt enable register
0x000 DLL 1 R/W (DLAB=1) Divisor latch (LSB)
0x001 DLM 1 R/W (DLAB=1) Divisor latch (MSB)
0x002 IIR 1 R Interrupt identification register
0x002 FCR 1 W FIFO control register
0x003 LCR 1 R/W Line control register
0x004 MCR 1 R/W Modem control register
0x005 LSR 1 R Line status register
0x006 MSR 1 R Modem status register
0x007 SCR 1 R/W Scratch register