The Ashet Home Computer, or short just Ashet is a late 80ies style inspired home computer with a 16 bit cpu.

Most components of Ashet are self-developed chips and computer components, like the SPU Mark II CPU, the yet unnamed MMU, video chip and blitter DMA.

Goal of the project

The goal is to create a home computer around the SPU Mark II CPU that can be used for games, music and demos. The CPU is a quite novel approach on instruction set style as well as the attempt to create a CPU that is easily programmed by humans and compilers the like.

To overcome the 64k memory limitation own to 16 bit cpus is overcome by a paging unit providing 16 pages a 4096 byte that can be mapped to any page in a 16 MB large memory space. The I/O architecture is inspirted by the Amiga 500, like a DMA chip ("blitter") that allows trivial image/block transfers in memory as well as a graphics chip with sprite support. In contrast to the Amiga though the Ashet uses a 256 color linear framebuffer with a configurable palette of 16 bit colors, allowing the user to chose 256 of 65536 possible colors.

State of the project

Right now, everything is work in progress and a lot of links on this site will be broken or the documents will be incomplete, but get filled in the future. If you want to support the project, mail me!

Most core components are either in concept phase or in implementation phase, some even near-completion

  • Hardware
  • SPU Mark II (nearly complete, only missing
  • UART serial port (nearly completion, misses only a good MMIO interface)
  • RAM interface (complete, RAM test works)
  • MMU (planning done, implementation is up next)
  • Toolchain
  • Assembler (work-in-progress, misses some directives and expression evaluation)
  • Debugging iterface to the SOC
  • Emulator (mirrors the state of hardware, will be updated as soon as HW gains new features)